The best price, in reasonable time with the minimum of hassle. This aspiration is at the heart of everything that we’ll do for you.

Your home is not just a property, it’s likely been that labour of love for you over the years; the place where you can be you; where you have so many memories; you’ve entertained friends, you’ve brought up your family, you’ve laughed, you’ve cried. Your home has been a huge part of your lifestyle and there’s a deep connection with more than just bricks and mortar.

We absolutely understand this and we’ll think about these details when we start building your marketing plan. There's no one-size fits all, we look at every property and every seller as unique.

Churchwood Stanley seller’s property is marketed brilliantly with concise and factual property information accompanied by (what we believe) is some of the best property photography available to them from an Estate Agent. It is a noisy marketplace so to achieve the best result, you need marketing experts, skilled sales people, technical and sometimes even emotional support!

Knowing how to market a property properly, to the right audience in a timely fashion will generate the level of enquiry and footfall needed to secure the very best outcome in the open market at any given time.

Navigating from accepting an offer to handing over keys on completion is daunting in itself so you should plan to succeed with the right Estate Agent, one who has given clear, realistic advice and one who understands your personal situation, the characteristics of your property and, just as importantly, the nature of the housing market, the demands of purchasers and the ever changing world of new technology, regulation and finance.

Our range of skills and experience is broad and it has to be – everyone who trusts us with such an important duty has different ambitions and reasons driving the need to sell their home, investment or inheritance. Consider the wonderful diversity of people and the challenge of marrying your needs and expectations with the needs and expectations of your buyers (and other possible related parties!) then you can start to appreciate just how much you will need skilled and experienced professionals representing you.

… that’s where we come in

Interested? Here are some things you should know.

Churchwood Stanley sellers are not locked into an unhelpful long contract. Two weeks notice is all that is required to change the terms or exit agreements. This will keep the pressure on us to keep you updated, to give you feedback and to make intelligent suggestions on how to make your property more appealing.

There are no hidden charges. We front the risk of standard marketing costs for selling your home and we are paid directly by your solicitor when your sale completes. There is no charge for professional internal photography, our standard marketing package (unless specific additional marketing is pre-agreed) or exit of the contract.

We are very happy to accompany your viewings. We have deep expertise in this and you should use it! A buyer is more likely to tell the agent what they don’t like. Trust us, there is nothing worse than doing the viewing yourself, seeing lovely smiling faces and then never hearing from them again.

As for fees we charge 1.35% of the final sale price including VAT for our standard sales package. For us it’s about providing value for money through high-quality marketing and consistent service from every phone call through to key handover. This standard package includes everything that you would expect from a traditional full service estate agency whose aim is to engage the highest number of potential buyers, maximising your sale price.

Additional services are available to ramp up your marketing to the next level and these include things like aerial videography or photography and 3D digital or video walkthroughs. These come highly recommended especially for exceptional and unique properties. They are proven to better qualify buyers, engage buyers with your advert for longer, reduce your investment of time into dead-end leads and, ultimately, reduce the time to sale.

Each will require payment upfront, detailed at our ‘Sellers Services’.