Want to super-charge your property advertisement?

Take a look at the following premium services available to you which, in practise, engage potential buyers to your property for longer and inform them better before they’ve even stepped foot in the door. These tools demand that your property is viewed!

Aerial Photography / Videography

Perhaps you have a large plot, a wonderful scenic view or an interesting property profile? Drone Photography (or Video) will add a perspective that captivates the viewer and provides information visually that is difficult to convey via text and standard photography. Click through-rates and levels of enquiry for property with elevated photography are significantly higher than for those without.Our drone services are provided by a fully licenced professional third party contractor. Drone photography / videography is available at an upfront cost of £200 (session rate).

3D Rendered Property Walkthroughs

Want to invest your time in the very best buyers? Think that your property will appeal to a distance market such as London? Then 3D property walk-throughs are for you.

With a Matterport virtual 3D tour of your home the first time you see a viewer walkthrough your door, will actually be their second viewing. This is a brilliant high-resolution virtual reality technology that not only enables your prospective buyer to explore your property on their own accord but it engages them and communicates a feeling of the property, it’s layout and detail in a way that conventional marketing just cannot.

You will find yourself investing your time in higher quality better informed viewers and this service comes highly recommended for premium homes with fantastic interiors.

Matterport 3D walkthroughs are a powerful marketing tool, provided by a professional third-party at an upfront cost of £400.

Check out for yourself this amazing property (Sorry, it sold!):

Video Walkthroughs

The modern house hunter just doesn’t have the time to seek out information about your home themselves. They want it served in a modern, concise and informative way. It’s click click click through the photos, maybe a browse of the floorplan and then call the agent. Quite often all those wonderful words and descriptions used to describe your home are an afterthought. Time is precious and reading these days isn’t what it used to be.

What better way than to give your buyer not just an impression of your home, but a feeling with a classy video walkthrough?

Believe us when we say that professionally edited videos with one of our agents are the future. Starting from £295.

Media Packages (bundle)

Save money by ordering a package of enhanced media including a 3D walkthrough, exterior 360` views, elevated photography, lifestyle photography and branded floorplan schematics starting from £325.00 for a typical four bedroom house.

Energy Performance Certificates

Required by legislation, unless you are selling a listed building, Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) are your ticket to the marketplace. These have a lifespan of ten years and are commissioned on the property (not the property owner at that time). This certificate must accompany the marketing information for your property within 14 days of the first day of marketing.

These are provided at a cost of £70. We will organise access with the energy assessor once you have made payment to inspect your property and commission the report.


Just like in estate agency (!) industry standards can vary wildly and, over the years, we’ve worked with most. Of course, we can recommend the very best and we highly recommend you talking to us about who is hot (and who is not) as a good solicitor can help keep those levels of anxiety under control and ensure that your sale runs smoothly.

We are not incentivised financially to make these recommendations, we do so because they have proven to be consistently excellent.

Why not drop us a line - you’re under no obligation and a few quotes can help you decide if you’re getting a good deal.


Where do you start? What sort of level of survey do you need?

If you’re having a mortgage your lender will likely instruct a valuation survey which does what it says on the tin – it values the property independently for mortgage purposes. No bells and whistles here just money talk.

Sometimes you can upgrade a mortgage valuation survey to a more detailed report known as a homebuyers report through your lender. This is a detailed report on the condition of the property and is appropriate for most purchases where the property is of standard construction without any obvious building defects or if you are a cash buyer.

If your heart is set on an older property or one which the fabric of the building may have problems then a full structural survey is likely for you. This is a very detailed report that will get straight to the crux of everything that you need to know to shape your purchase position.

We really like Christopher White and James Aldridge

Tell them we sent you!

Mortgage Finance

If you are intending to borrow money, it is important that you’ve worked out what you can afford before getting out there and viewing property. If you’ve found somewhere to buy you will need to present a ‘copy of your lending agreement’ to us, without it your offer cannot be processed! We cannot recommend enough going through an ‘all of the market’ broker and not just going to the people that you have banked with for years. An independent will be able to provide you with the right lending product for your circumstances and is not tied into any one lender in particular which means you get the best deal!

Richard Horsnell of Foremost Financial (St James’ Place) is your man here. He’ll listen to your needs and provide you with helpful no-obligation options. Call him on 07500 069647 or email him at

Get that ball rolling!


Just how difficult is it to find reasonably priced, efficient and quality maintenance and building contractors these days?

Trust us, with over 60 properties currently professionally managed we have, over time, cherry-picked the very best contractors who we recommend for all those odd jobs. From tiling to facia boards, gardening, timberwork and damp treatment to full property refurbishments we have a book of skilled, responsive people ready to help you out with whatever your needs are.

Too many sellers struggle to sell their property because they feel their buyer will take on the maintenance jobs they just don’t want to do. This hurts them in time to sale and price achieved. Preparing your property for market properly and addressing issues big or small increases the time to offer and in most cases strengthens that offer considerably!

Here are some of the most common requests for contractors we get:

Maintenance ServicesContractors
Timber preservation and damp workHyltreat
Roofing, guttering and fascia’sJWC roofing
CarpenterJason Bradfield - 07710471538
Painters DecoratorsWe keep our trusted painters and decorators super busy! Please speak to us for more info.
Gardening and FencingLike our decorators, these are our busiest contractors, so please call us for more info.


Whether it’s a man with a van or a professional moving firm you’ll need to plan ahead and make sure your possessions are in safe hands. You can only really book a removals when you have exchanged contracts, often they ask for a holding deposit and it’s only on Exchange of contracts that you have a moving date set in stone and the confidence to book these professionals.

There are plenty of great movers out there but we’ve had some really great feedback from clients who have used Weston and Edwards as well as Schofields.