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Your agent, powered by the best tech.

The perfect combination for an extraordinary selling experience.

World-class estate agency technology that delivers the transparency and convenience you crave, and an expert, local agent entirely focused on your sale.

With your agent on, you’re informed, empowered and guided through all of the steps ahead.

You can access information, manage viewing requests and monitor progress of your sale instantly. And from your agent’s perspective?

They have more time to do what they do best - delivering an outstanding personal service for you.

You can know more and do more, 24/7… and they can too.


Capture opportunities other agents miss.

Did you know home hunters are more active in the evening? Over 50% of all property enquiries are made outside of office hours.

Agents powered by allow buyers to seamlessly book viewings online 24/7.

  • Never lose a viewing or interested purchaser.
  • Instantly capture every lead that enquires about your property.
  • From listing to confirmed viewing in a matter of moments.
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Secure the best possible price for your home.

Incredible viewings are the foundation of a successful sale. It’s your agent’s best chance to really sell your home..

Your agent, powered by, comes armed with impeccable property knowledge in the palm of their hand. Knowledge that extends far beyond the basic details..

By drawing attention to the most compelling and unique aspects of your home, buyers leave excited, enthusiastic and motivated.

The result? More buyer interest is generated, leading to increased competition and higher offers.


Transparency every step of the way.

The Future of Home Selling is Here.

At Churchwood Stanley, we’ll provide you with an unparalleled selling experience.

By integrating the world-class technology of, we're setting new industry standards, ensuring that every step of your selling journey is transparent, efficient, and tailored to your needs. You will be empowered, informed and gently guided through all the steps of your journey ahead.

The perfect combination for an extraordinary experience.



Capture opportunities other agents miss

Over 50% of property enquiries are made out of ours, with our technology buyers can instantly book their viewing requests 24/7 getting them straight into our diaries before we can follow up with them the next day.

  • You’ll never lose a viewing or interested buyer.
  • We instantly capture every lead that enquirers on your home.
  • Go from listing to confirmed viewings in a heartbeat.

Simplify the journey ahead

View where your sale is at, whether it is 5am or 11pm online (or in the app) at your account.

From valuation details to viewing requests, property feedback and sales progression, it’s all there for you, concisely in one place.

  • Monitor progress as it happens.
  • See what you need to do next.
  • Tick off necessary processes, one at a time.

“We had an unbelieveable experience with Churchwood Stanley, the team were so attentive and it was so easy to arrange viewings, manage our offers and see exactly where we were at via their brilliant system”

Let’s get you started

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Be in control of your own diary.

New viewing requests will ping straight into your account, which you can quickly accept or reject if the proposed time doesn’t work for you.

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Stay in loop at every stage.

Receive notifications as soon as something exciting happens related to your sale, so you’re always updated - or switch off alerts if you’d prefer.

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Collaborate with your agent.

During a viewing, your agent may be asked questions only you know the answer to. Instantly respond through the app, ensuring buyers have all the details they need.

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Know what buyers think.

No more waiting to hear what a buyer thought about your property. Receive instant feedback after a viewing has been completed, straight into your app.

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Download the app.

Scan here for your pocket-sized selling tool!

Receive updates on your terms.

Make your move fit around your lifestyle by specifying how you would like to receive news from your agent.

  • Communicate via WhatsApp, text message or email.
  • Enjoy greater flexibility by choosing the channel that’s right for you.
  • More convenience means faster responses and faster completions.
  • Fewer phone calls and voicemails when you don’t need them.

You’ll love your agent, powered by

It helps them do more for you.

Empowered by world-class tech, your agent can generate more interest, secure more viewings, and achieve higher offers - all while providing you with the most personal and convenient service.

Get the transparency, visibility and experience you deserve, and put the joy back into moving.

Choosing an agent on is the best move you’ll ever make.

Ready to take the next step? Speak to your agent to instruct them and get the ball rolling.

“It was incredibly easy to arrange viewings and manage offers through their online system, interest in our house was generated quickly and it sold within a few days.”